SKINCARE Always is not just about understanding your skin. It is about learning to love and care for yourself from within.

Have you been struggling to:

•  Truly love yourself?
•  Clear you or your child's acne, scarring, or hyperpigmentation?
•  Fade and diminish skin discoloration or sun damage?
•  Reverse signs of aging or learn how to slow down your skin’s aging process?

You will find all of this and more in SKINCARE Always.

Maisha Pulliam gives her proven tips, advice, and skincare recommendations to help you improve the health and appearance of your skin– fast! Her straightforward approach to skincare has helped thousands of her clients achieve their skincare goals. Her process simply works! If you are ready to gift yourself with beauty, inside and out, then this book is definitely for you.

Maisha shares how to care for your skin through each decade of your life and dives into the challenges we face along the journey. She wants you to know how important it is to care for yourself, beginning within, and SKINCARE Always helps you do just that!



Maisha Pulliam is a Master Esthetician who has been practicing skin care for 21 years, but when she talks about this book, she confesses, “writing this book was not easy! I wanted to be transparent and truly show up for my reader, but it was hard to be vulnerable. I had to learn to push through even when I was afraid.”

Maisha knows she’s not the only woman who experiences fear, self-doubt, and feelings of not being good enough. She realizes helping women with these self-love issues has been a big part of what she does every day. Read More