Maisha Pulliam is a Master Esthetician who has been practicing skin care for 21 years, but when she talks about this book, she confesses, “writing this book was not easy! I wanted to be transparent and truly show up for my reader, but it was hard to be vulnerable. I had to learn to push through even when I was afraid.”

Maisha knows she’s not the only woman who experiences fear, self-doubt, and feelings of not being good enough. She realizes helping women with these self-love issues has been a big part of what she does every day.

“I know that not feeling like I was enough stems from my mother who was incapable of loving me the way I needed to be loved. And I know I am not the only one who was not loved the way they needed to be. I want to help women thrive and arrive. To get to the root of their fear and not-enoughness to find the solution deep in their own heart and soul. Self-love is the gift we give ourselves. Without it, we simply cannot be all that we are meant to be.”

Through the years Maisha has spent caring for women’s skin, she has been a coach all along. Now she claims it as part of her calling.

“This is another gift I want to share: to help women grow personally and professionally through my coaching programs.”

If you’re ready to improve your sense of self-love and live a happier life, Maisha invites you to explore her Personal Transformation Coaching. You can learn to love yourself inside and out!

If you are an esthetician who wants to help women look and feel radiant from within, Maisha has designed a one-of-a-kind program just for you. Business Transformation Coaching will take your life and business to the next level so that you can become a skincare expert.

Whether it is through this book or one of her coaching programs, Maisha will empower you to be the woman you are destined to be. There is a world of beauty waiting to be discovered, and it’s within you! Will you be a part of the transformation?