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  • I had never seen an esthetician before in my life. I always had great skin prior to the adult acne so I was a skeptic and very frustrated with all the products I had tried. Maisha was understanding, supportive and more importantly knew her stuff! Today I no longer suffer from adult acne and once again have the amazing skin and self confidence that I was born with! She assessed and customized the treatment, facials and products to my skin type and specific needs. She is professional, compassionate and has created an amazing and relaxing environment(clinic) to have your treatments performed. Her products are reasonably priced and she will at times suggest products that you can purchase at your local drug store. The most costly procedure that I received was the microdermabrasion which worked wonders and removed the acne blemishes. The complete treatment was well worth the $$$ spent! I still visit every other month for basic facials and extractions (when she brings out anything bad hiding under the skin). I recommend her to anyone that wantís to address any skin issue. She is very honest and upfront and does a great job on telling you what she can and cannot do. Enough said.

    -Trina Bedford

    Systems Engineerthumb
  • Maisha has been my aesthetician of choice for several years. While I've never had a severe skin problem, I do have the occasional acne flare up, and even more alarming, I started to see signs of my skin aging (oh the horror!). I began having regular facials with Maisha, during which she'd perform extractions, thereby all but eliminating even my occasional acne. Maisha knows my skin very well, customizing my facial to dealwith both the minor acne and various markers of aging skin. As a result of her fantastically effective techniques, I regularly get mistaken for being 5-10 years YOUNGER than I actually am (which i enjoy immensely). The relaxing atmosphere of the clinic, her warm and professional manner and the wonderful results that I experience solidify her position as MY aesthetician. I'm quite the pleased customer!

    -Victoria Theodore

  • I have very sensitive and oily skin, which can sometimes be problematic. As a cosmetics entrepreneur, my canvas is a commodity and protecting it and making sure that my skin is as healthy as possible is necessary before makeup application. Maisha, you have done a superb job in nurturing my skin to a healthy state. I get so many compliments on how even my tone is, and it's due to the dedication and time that you put into making sure that I was educated on healthy skin care."

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