HydraFacial Ultra Series


We are offering 3-, 6-, and 10 treatments as part of a bundle.

The terms:

3 Series: Buy 2 – Get 1 50% Off

6 Series: Buy 5 – Get 1 FREE

10 Series: Buy 8 – Get 2 FREE

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This treatment is our most advanced HydraFacial treatment with high concentrations of potent ingredients to deliver the most benefits and the fastest results.

This treatment will include the HydraFacial paired with an array of facial and body peels customized to fit your skin’s needs. HydraFacial Ultra has more advanced ingredients, techniques, and treatment applications for a more enhanced skincare experience.

This treatment quickly and safely addresses AcneScarringAgingSun DamageHyperpigmentationResurfacing and Retexturing the skin on a more advanced level to gain you optimal results quickly and safely.

*Hydrafacial procedures can be performed 7 days after Botox injections and 14 days after filler injections.