Happy May

Hi, I’m back everyone.  I hope you enjoyed​ that special surprise. We miss you so much, and I thought you would ​really enjoy seeing those pretty little faces wishing you a ​Happy Mother’s Day.  I wanted to talk to you a bit today about dreams​.​ ​Dreams have been on myMore

Happy April

Have you arrived?   Hi everyone, Maisha here. I am tappening in ​a bit differently. I generally write my newsletter, but​ I’m going to do both for you today. I thought it would be really nice to share a video​, especially since I can’t see your beautiful faces in personMore

Happy March

The Journey… We come into this world instinctively excited to discover all we can, and then… the journey begins. We have experience after experience, which will shape and make us with all the various shifts and turns that lead us along our path of becoming who we hope and dreamMore