Happy April

Have you arrived?


Hi everyone, Maisha here. I am tappening in ​a bit differently. I generally write my newsletter, but​ I’m going to do both for you today. I thought it would be really nice to share a video​, especially since I can’t see your beautiful faces in person during this time​.​ ​I know many of us are having concerns about what’s going on in the world today​,​​ as life has changed drastically​. ​For some of us things are uncertain, for others things are solid​. If things are solid for you, that is great! But for those of us who ​are feeling uncertain about things​, I want you to know what I’ve been sharing with myself.


I’ve been going within and saying to self, ​”​I have everything within me to do everything that I need to do​ to not just survive but to also thrive​”​. This isn’t a​ new concept either​. This has been within us since the day we were born, the day we came into this world.​ ​I encourage you as I’m encouraging myself​ to ​continue to depend on what is built within us​.​​ We are built with all the tools, resources, love, ​and ​encouragement​t we need​. So please tap in always.


I’ve actually been taking advantage​ of this time to​ reflect​.​ ​​Because​ if you know me, you know​ that’s what I do. I’ve been reflecting on who I am today. ​How did I become the​ ​woman I am today? I started thinking about when I was a child and as a child who I wanted to be. I would fantasize ​and ​dream about that woman. It was like this obsession with who I saw myself being as an adult. A lady, a woman. As a matter of fact, for Halloween, that’s what I always dressed up as. I was always a lady. ​I’ve been reflecting about this in particular for over a​ month or so now​. My reflection was… As a​ little girl ​I wanted to be this spectacular woman, ​I​​ wanted to be smart, ​I​ wanted to be fancy, ​I​ wanted to be loved, ​I​ wanted to be loving, ​I​ wanted to help people, ​I​ wanted to touch people, ​I​ wanted to beautify every single thing ​I​ touched, ​I​ wanted to be surrounded by beautiful people and beautiful things. I’m just running off some of the things that I thought about, but there’s some personal things that I wanted as well that I won’t share because the list would go on and on. I thought ​deeply ​about ​this​, and I thought​, ​WOW! I​ am the​ woman I dreamed I wanted to be. I’m that woman now! It was such an exhilarating feeling​.​ I started crying tears of joy. I​ felt so​ happy​,​ blessed​ and at ​peace.


If it had not been for this down time, solitude time, time with self, time to really reflect to think about life- where you’ve been, where you are, where you’re going… I don’t know if I would have taken the time to stop and say, ” Maisha, you’ve arrived!” Not that the journey is ended​,​ as I still have further​ to go​ and more accomplishments​​. ​You see, this little girl who has grown into this woman​ ​has reached her dreams and aspirations​,​ but this woman now has more​ to do. I’ve arrived to where the little girl wanted to be but I don’t think if it had not been for this down time right now that I would have realized that. I’m here. I made it, and that’s something to just pat myself on the back, hug myself, love myself and say, you’ve done the work! You made it!


So, I ask you​… ​Are you taking this time to really reflect to look at where you’ve been and where you’ve come from? Where you’ve been, where you are, where you’re going? ​Are you using​ this time to really​,​ really reflect and take your time to sit with that​?​ ​I​ would hate for this time to pass for any of us and we haven’t maximized it for our benefit. I hope this is helpful and beneficial to you​. I’m here ​for you ​and I would love your feedback​.​ I love you and I hope that you are continuing to love yourself​,​ because that’s what we do!​ This is a movement​!​ ​I deeply believe it is our duty to love ourselves and not​ ​look for other people to do it for us​. It is vital ​to go within ​as well as outward, ​and find every piece​​ ​of us to ​love​ ​in the deepest, most compassionate loving way. ​Be encouraged this day and forward. Be well.


Change is amazing when done with Purpose and Love.


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