MaishaWith more than 18 years of career expertise in the skin care field, Paramedical Esthetician I am the Founder & Owner of Skin by Maisha Skin Studio in Oakland, Calif. My Mantra, “Take care of your skin and it’s sure to look like you do.”

Serving as an “accountability coach” for my clients, I require that that they exercise discipline in the quest for both physical and emotional good health—as a means to be at peace and to find happiness. I work with those suffering with skin issues and/or concerns, those looking to reverse or slow down signs of aging, as well as women who simply want to relax and have their skin pampered. My Skin Studio offers Customized Facial Treatments, Packages, Microdermabrasion, along with Waxing and Massage Therapy. My Studio also sells high-quality skin, beauty and body products.

I have been fascinated with beauty and all things related since an early age. Suffering from personal Acne issues, I was driven to learn all I could about the business, thus becoming a skin care professional. My personal interest and passion for the field allows my clientele to gain sound advice and tips about how to best care for their skin, in addition to the products and services I offer. This includes educating them about patience, preservation, diligence and application of the correct products.

Knowing that I have improved someone’s life by assisting them in returning their skin closer to what they were born with has made my journey so worthwhile.

Maisha Pulliam,
Paramedical Esthetician